Back by popular demand!

Back by popular demand! There were a lot of replies to both our statement regarding closing the account and the statement that followed where we decided not to close the account after all. We want to continue sharing the experiences that come with being a @Netherlander with the world.

The current admin is @maykebronkhorst. All of the previous admins have quit their contribution to the account, therefore the two of us decided to continue this fun cocreation project.

We also made the decision that we now allow Tweets in Dutch as well, we are Netherlanders after all and we should be proud of our beautiful language. This helps our curators be more in line with their Dutch roots. For all our foreign followers, Twitter has a very handy built-in translation service, so you won’t be missing out.

This new start means that all of you can sign up to become a candidate once again! Even if you were in charge of the account before. Fill out the form using the following link:

Hope to see all your applications!

Kind regards,